Course Reference and Materials


TThis book serves as a guide for the students who are following our 
gemmology courses. It has covered a wide range of topics to guide 
practicals and provide critical knowledge withexamples of real-world 
applications of gemmology. Gemmology is a main scientific study that
combines multiple subjects such as mineralogy, geology, physics, and 
chemistry, and also hardly bonded with art and business subjects. 
This book guides students in handling laboratory equipment and tools 
properly in the gem identification and detection works. 

**Price of the book – 3000.00



This handbook is prepared to give comprehensive knowledge for our students
of the Geuda Heat Treatment course. It provides a critical theoretical and practical
guidance for the students to gain versatile knowledge on heat treatment of geuda 
subjects.  It scientifically differentiate the varieties of geuda formations. This book 
also provides a deep knowledge of the chemistry and the physical properties of geuda
and industrial treatment methods suitable for commonly available geuda materials.
Heat treatment is regarded as an essential knowledge and skill for those who are in 
business as nearly 80% of corundum are needed to be heat treated for good colour
and clarity. This book therefore prepares to give knowledge in industrial geuda treatments.
**Price of the book – 1000.00


Gem Cutting and Polishing

The content of this book aligns with the Gem Cutting NVQ level 04 standards, 
as stipulated by TVEC. Gem cutting is the main and final step in the gemstones
 processing process and the fashioning reveals stone’s optical effects and brings
out the beauty of the gemstones. Today traditional cutting methods have been 
replaced mainly by modern technical machinery and equipment promising high-end 
productions and higher performance. 
**Price of the book – 600.00
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