By virtue of powers vested in the sub section i, of section 25 of National Gem and Jewellery Authority Act No 50 of 1993, Gem and Jewellery Research and Training Institute was established to provide research and training facilities for the regulation, promotion and development of the Gem Industry and Jewellery industry.

Over the years, GJRTI has developed a set of values through working with other Training Institutions involved in the Gem and Jewellery industry. These values helped the GJRTI to achieve its objectives and to develop greater confidence in the improvement of industry skills. 

  • Trust - While working with the stakeholders over a period of several years, GJRTI has gained trust of the industry as main provider of skills training.
  • Credible image - The quality of training provided during the past several years has developed a credible image for GJRTI and it has now built a vast bank of goodwill for the Institute.
  • Competence - GJRTI has developed its competence as the apex Training Institute in the Gem and Jewellery Industry. High competence of the academic staff of the Institute is an asset which is a distinct advantage when compared with any other training Institutions of the Industry.
  • Transparency & Equity - The impartiality of service provision with a common and transparent approach has become a valuable asset of the Institute.
  • Commitment - GJRTI is highly committed to its development and delivers high quality services considering the challenges of the future.
  • Passion for customer - GJRTI always functions as an equal opportunity provider. Accordingly, GJRTI serves the customers with the highest level of enthusiasm to achieve a high level of competency.


GJRTI is working on six main beliefs.


  1. GJRTI has the strengths in terms of its ability to raise funds in building a Corporate image, and to build a network for Training services
  2. GJRTI believes that the potential of the Industry is enormous
  3. It can grow faster through networking partnerships and collaborations
  4. Our youth could be developed to be world class craftsmen and entrepreneurs
  5. Training will contribute value to the Institution as well as to the National economy.
  6. Research activities will contribute to find the New Gem deposits in the country and that will raise the national Economy.
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