Objectives & Key Functions

The objective of the establishment of GJRTI was to �provide research and training facilities for the regulation, promotion and development of the Gem and Jewellery Industry. The Gazette notification, which established the GJRTI listed its functions as follows:

  • Conduct a Survey on Gems in Sri Lanka
  • Conduct Gem Science Research by
(a) Location
(b) Identification
(c) Colour enhancement
(d) Other related areas
  • Provision of technical advice for the development and production of equipment on the Gem and Jewellery Industry including Mining, cutting, jewellery production and Heat-Treatment systems
  • Provision of Training facilities on
(a) Gem cutting
(b) Production of Jewellery
(c) Gemmology including Diamonds
(d) Jewellery design
(d) Colour enhancement of gems
(d) Other areas of Gem and Jewellery industry
  • Conduct of Workshops, Seminars, and Publication of books and papers on related subjects
  • Any other activity necessary for the provision of services of the Institution
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