Establishment of Specific Heat Treatment Conditions for Deferent Geuda Varieties in Monaragala District
Geuda verities founded from different place of the country.However,according to the preliminary study different geuda verities founded in Monaragala District and dominant areas are Okkampitiya,Lunugala,Buttala,Wellawaya,Badalkubura,Madagama and Bibbila.The geuda varieties are suitable for enhancing colour through heat treatment.Geochemical study and optimum heat treatment conditions of the geuda verities in theses area still not study.Moreover,heat treatment awareness in the people who are live in the Monaragala area is limited.Thus,in this research we are going to introduced new geuda grouping methodology based on gemological studies and establishing optimum heat treatment condition for different geuda groups.Currently,preliminary studies were completed and geuda sampling was initiated.

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Geuda Heat Treatment Service
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Geuda heat treatment service provides to the public in the main premises-Ratnapura.The one treatmentis Rs.5000.00
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